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Historical Insights: The Life of Master Wang Qing Zhai (王庆斋)

Many subjects can be learned from a book or video but martial arts requires a knowledgeable instructor to ensure that the nuances of a kung fu style are learned correctly. The more wisdom a student seeks, the more accomplished teacher they must find. Beginning at the age of 6, Master Yun had the good fortune of getting to learn from the famed martial arts master, Wang Qing Zhai 王庆斋. This accomplished instructor of traditional Chinese martials arts taught students for nearly sixty years at his Shenyang school.

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Spotlight: Santa Barbara Sentinel - Creative Characters

It is always awe-inspiring to watch someone who has mastered their craft. Whether it is a celebrated chef or an accomplished ballerina, there are many masters of their respective art forms. More often than no though, when someone is referred to as a “master”, one things of a wise martial arts teacher, inspiring images of a Mr. Miyagi-type telling students to sweep the floor. Funnily enough, this isn’t too far from the real-life example of a martial arts master.

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