Our Martial Art Styles

At Mater Yun’s Studio we specialize in many different forms of martial arts. These forms are broken down into three categories: Internal, External, and Weapons. We encourage our students to look through each of the categories to understand the differences and complementary aspects of each style.


Internal Styles

Known as Neijia (內家), internal styles focus on the mental or qi-related aspects of martial arts. These styles emphasize an awareness of the practitioners’ mind and an extensive training in stances, flexibility, and strength.

External Styles

Chinese external martial art styles often times exhibit extremely fast and powerful movements. These styles are typically among the most recognizable martial art forms today and throughout history.

Weapons Styles

Often the last aspect of training for a student to undertake the traditional Chinese weapons styles can be classified either by the type of weapon or by the martial art schools that incorporate them into their training.