External Styles

External styles are the most recognizable Chinese martial arts in the world. Their movements are often fast and explosive in nature. Due to this there is a focus on physical strength and agility in all of the movements. Training for these styles focus on muscular power, speed and applications.

Master Yun_Praying Mantis Kung Fu Pose.png

Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu | 七星螳螂拳

There are quite a few legends surrounding the creation of the Praying Mantis Style, however, during the Song Dynasty (960-1279) a consensus has been established that the Mantis Fist was first created by Master Wang Lang(王郎) at the request of Abbot Fu Ju (福居, 1203-1275) when he brought together eighteen masters to improve the martial arts of Shaolin. After the Song Dynasty fell much of the documentation was lost to the ages until a manuscript depicting the martial art styles was found in 1794. It is at this point where Master Yun can trace the history of his martial arts style that he now teaches in his studio.

Master Yun Fanzi Quan Pose_Rounded Corners.jpg

Chuo Jaio & Fanzi Quan | 戳腳和翻子拳

Chou Jiao and Fanzi Quan are uniquely connected. They are essentially opposite sides of the same coin when it comes to training practices. Each form focusing on the same movements, but from completely opposite directions. Chuo Jiao utilizes a combination of jumps, quick kicks, and fast fists throughout its forms to generate power. A unique characteristic of this style is that the practitioner uses their feet and hand strikes in unison to find openings in the opponent’s defense. Fanzi Quan is much more linear and focuses on generating a flurry of quick fist attacks which are accented by specifically timed kicks.

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